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Is It Time to Replace My Furnace Filter?


Your furnace filter is one of the first lines of defense against serious indoor air quality problems, but if you’re like many homeowners, you may not be giving it enough attention. Regularly changing your furnace filter ensures the efficiency of your system and the cleanliness of your air, but it’s easy to forget. The team at James A. Wheat & Sons wants to ensure you know how and when to handle this important maintenance task. Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine how long you can go between furnace filter changes.

What Type of Filter Do You Have?

The type of filter you buy is one of the most important factors to consider when deciding when to change it. The cheaper the furnace filter, the more often you’re going to have to replace it. You will need to check the filter’s recommended replacement period, and use that as a baseline for your replacement schedule. Some will need changing as early as one month, while others can last up to six months.

Are You Suffering from Allergies?

If your allergy problems are getting worse, then you may need to change the filter in your home. Furnace filters trap a number of allergens, and an increase in respiratory challenges can indicate that your filter is past due for a change.

Do You Have Pets?

If you have pets, even small pets like birds or hamsters, you are going to need to change your furnace filter more frequently. The dander, feathers and fur that enter your home’s air will get trapped by the filter, and this is going to cause it to get full early.

Do You Have Air Pollution Problems?

If your area has air pollution, you have another reason to consider changing that filter more frequently. Air pollution in your city in general or the extra dust and debris from nearby construction can both clog up your air filter and require a more frequent change.

Do You Have a Dust Problem?

Dust in your home can indicate that you have dust in your HVAC system that’s being re-circulated through the home. Your filter will trap some of that dust, but excess dust means the filter will get full before it should.

Does the Filter Look Dirty?

If you’re still not sure, just look at the filters. If they are dirty, change them. A good rule of thumb is to change the filter every other month, but as the previous questing show, this is not always the right answer based on your home’s needs.

The timing of that crucial air filter change isn’t always easy to pinpoint.  If you want to be certain that you’re handling this task right, contact the experts. Our experienced HVAC team will help you determine the best schedule for changing your air filter to get the most use out of your HVAC system in your Maryland home. Give James A. Wheat & Sons a call at (301) 241-9636 or contact us online today!

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