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Why Isn’t My Tankless Water Heater Heating?

Homeowners with a tankless water heater enjoy fewer repairs, longer equipment service life, lower utility costs, and an on-demand hot water supply. Replacing a traditional water heater with a tankless water heater can be a game-changer in many homes, but that doesn’t make them completely immune to problems.

Our experts have put together this guide explaining three common reasons tankless water heaters stop heating and how you can solve them.

Sediment Buildup

Similar to a traditional water heater, tankless water heaters also have sediment buildups — just not in a tank. Homeowners with tankless water heaters see sediment buildups frequently, depending on the hardness of the water in your area (for example, the Washington, DC, area has moderately hard water). Tankless water heaters build up calcium and magnesium deposits in the heat exchanger. These sediment deposits create clogs and cause low water pressure throughout your home.

Solution: Flush your tankless water heater at least twice per year. You can attempt to flush it yourself, or you can hire a licensed plumber to do it for you. Also, ask about a water softener that would fit your home’s needs. Though you can’t eliminate your home’s risk for sediment buildups in your tankless water heater, you can reduce it with a water softener.

Ignition Failure

Some tankless water heaters use electricity to heat coils, but many also use natural gas. If you have a gas tankless water heater, your system relies on an ignition system. When the ignition system fails, you will have cold water only until it’s fixed.

Solution: First, eliminate common issues like a municipal gas supply problem or an unpaid bill. Next, call a gas line plumber to find and fix the underlying issue. The problem might end up being minor, but we do not recommend attempting to resolve problems related to natural gas without professional training. It’s not a safe DIY project.

Heat Exchanger Leaks

The heat exchanger is a device in a tankless water heater that heats cold water instantly. This device makes an unlimited, on-demand hot water supply with a tankless water heater system possible. If there are leaks inside a heat exchanger and those leaks cause unchecked corrosion, there’s not much hope for repairs. It will likely have to be replaced.

Solution: If your tankless water heater isn’t running efficiently, get it checked by an expert plumber as soon as possible. A professional can spot early signs of corrosion and address them before it leads to a problem.

Choose Wheat & Sons for Reliable Tankless Water Heater Services

When you need tankless water heater repairs, replacement, or installation services you can depend on in Maryland, call James A. Wheat & Sons. Our team of licensed plumbers can diagnose and repair any issue with your home’s tankless water heater. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with all of our work, and we offer upfront pricing on every job. You can rest assured that whenever Wheat & Sons takes care of a plumbing issue, you’ll see high-quality results.

Schedule an appointment with a licensed plumber to service your tankless water heater. Call us at 240-399-5051 or send us a message online.

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