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Packaged Hybrid Heat Systems

Do you want to install a new heating system in your home that has the efficiency of a heat pump and the reliability of a traditional fossil fuel heater? A packaged hybrid heat system provides the best of both heating systems in one compact package. If you are ready to experience a revolution in heating technology in your Montgomery County, Maryland (MD) or NW Washington, DC home, call James A. Wheat & Sons today!

How packaged hybrid heat systems work

Packaged hybrid heat systems are ideal for people looking for an environmentally-friendly heat source who want more heat than a typical air source heat pump can provide, but don’t want the expense of a geothermal heat pump. In the winter, a packaged hybrid heating system works like a heat pump, generating heat by moving ambient heat from outside to inside as long as the temperature is high enough. If there is not enough ambient heat present in the air, the packaged hybrid heating system switches functions and begins burning either natural gas or oil to provide the perfect level of comfort. The dealer automatically sets the level at which the fuel source switch occurs, but it can be manually reset to your exact specifications at any time.

In the summer, the heat pump part of your packaged hybrid heat system picks up again, moving the warm air from inside to the outside to provide cooling. During the summer the furnace acts as a variable-speed blower, moving the cool air produced by the heat pump.

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Benefits of a packaged hybrid heat system

Since packaged hybrid heat systems work both as heat pumps and traditional fossil fuel burning heating and air conditioning systems, they offer benefits that are better than each system individually. Packaged heating systems are able to operate at maximum efficiency because they automatically switch over to whichever heating or air conditioning method is the most cost effective at the time. This type of heating system allows for savings of up to 25% over even highly efficient 90% AFUE variable speed gas furnaces!

The best thing about installing a packaged hybrid heat system is that it can warm your home no matter what the temperature is outside. While highly advanced heat pumps can continue to provide heat even when the weather starts to get very cold, many require a supplemental small furnace to kick in when the temperature falls below a certain point anyway. With a packaged hybrid heat system, you never have to worry about not being warm enough – since the system already includes both methods of heating, you do not need to think about installing a separate furnace. Packaged hybrid heat systems are very easy to operate – all you need to do is set the temperature on the thermostat. From there, the unit will decide which fuel system will be the most efficient and effective way to get to that temperature.

If you are ready to experience the total convenience of a packaged hybrid heat system, call James A. Wheat & Sons today. Our skilled technicians can install a packaged hybrid heat system in your Montgomery County, Maryland (MD) or NW Washington, DC home and help you stay warm no matter how cold the winter gets.

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