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Do you need a dehumidifier?


The need for a dehumidifier is generally a result in either poor house design, poor air conditioning design or just extremely high humidity issues in an underground basement. A good portion of these problems can be solved with adjusting or modifications to the existing air conditioning system. The air conditioning system is a large dehumidifier that automatically removes moisture from the air for your entire home. It automatically performs this task and automatically dumps the moisture with no efforts required from the owner. Many systems are even designed to operate based on humidity levels as well as set indoor temperature to make the entire home more comfortable. If you have an area of your home that has excessive moisture, adjustments and/or modifications to your existing air conditioning system could eliminate any problems you may be having and thus eliminating the need to purchase a stand alone dehumidifier.

For those installations that the existing air conditioning system can’t handle, there are systems that automatically remove humidity to a preset level. The main unit can be remotely located so that there is no noise or visible product in the room or area being dehumidified. The removed humidity is drained away automatically so that no owner interaction is required. Just like your home air conditioning system, you set the desired humidity level and leave it. The humidifier system can also be incorporated into the existing air conditioning system to remove humidity from the entire home. These units are designed to overcome the most humid environments and even guarantee performance.

Proper level of humidity is essential to your physical health and your home’s performance.   A stand alone dehumidifier is an option, but you may already have an option that is already installed in your home that could be adjusted and/or modified to eliminate your humidity issues. There are more advanced and complete options should additional dehumidification be required.   Please feel free to contact me anytime to discuss your home humidity issues and figure out if a Gaithersburg dehumidifier is right for you.  We can provide an analysis of the situation providing you options to create more comfortable, healthy and efficient home.

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