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Why you should install a home hybrid heat system


Fall is just a few weeks away and there’s no doubt that if you live in the Montgomery County, Maryland (MD) and NW Washington, DC area, you’ll be turning on the heater in your house soon enough! As the weather gets cooler, your heating bill will inevitably increase; but did you know you could be saving 30-50% off your heating bill without sacrificing your family’s warmth? It’s simple – install a hybrid heat system.

Hybrid heat systems are similar to hybrid cars – they switch between two energy sources to run more efficiently. In hybrid heat systems, there are two components: the furnace which runs on fossil fuels, such as gas or oil, and the heat pump powered by electricity. By switching between these two sources of heat, the hybrid heat system can cut your heating bill in half!

When your home is slightly chilly, the hybrid heat system uses an electric heat pump as it is the most efficient at these moderately cold temperatures because it pumps in free heat. Even when the air outside is cold, there is still some heat in the air. The heat pump gathers this heat and brings the “free” warm air into the home, providing a mellow, subtle heat so you are warm enough, but not sweating bullets when it starts.

However, as it gets extremely cold, the heat pump can no longer keep up with your home’s heat demand. The heat pump becomes less efficient at warming your house compared to the furnace, so the hybrid heat system switches to using the gas or oil furnace to heat your home quickly. Not only is the furnace more energy efficient at extreme temperatures, but the furnace provides that warm, toasty air that we all love during the holiday season.

The hybrid heat system is designed to give your family maximum savings and maximum comfort. When it is slightly chilly, homeowners prefer the electric heat pump as it provides a consistent mellow heat. However, when it is freezing cold, homeowners prefer the irregular heat blasts from the oil or gas furnace to make the home warm and cozy.

With a home hybrid heating systems you save energy, money and the environment all while maintaining a comfortable home. If you live in Montgomery County, Maryland (MD) or NW Washington, DC and want to cut your heating bill in half, contact James A. Wheat & Sons to learn more about our packaged hybrid heating systems in Gaithersburg, so you can have a winter like you never had before!

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